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Teaching - Small group or large group


​From small group Bible studies to large business gatherings we have a program that can teach the principles of living your faith at work.  We are able to create custom programs for specific audiences or use existing material to equip people on "the way" and "the how" of active faith at work.  

Writing - Custom article or study materials


​We can design custom content for faith at work programs including short articles and extended publications.  We specialize in encouraging leaders to integrate their faith in how they do their jobs and challenge Christians to let their faith be shown at the office.  Click to access the recent blog soul purpose project.    

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Keynote Speaking


​Craig is a former business executive and current adjunct professor who has spoken to groups of dozens up to groups of thousands.  His energetic approach will keep an audience engaged and his practical communication style will enable everyone to leave a session with something to apply.  If you would like to inquire on scheduling a keynote talk, please click here.  For more examples visit our youtube channel.